Classmate Conversation – Denzel Belleza

Hey guys! Today in Art we went around talking to people and I encountered a very nice young boy named Denzel! I first noticed that Denzel had black hair and very dark eyes. His eyes reminded me of my dad so I knew that I wouldn’t forget it. He likes to put everything he has into whatever he is interested in. Denzel enjoys dancing, hanging out with his friends, and sleeping. I knew we would get along because he said he liked sleeping and I love sleeping! He has been dancing for a while now, almost 5 years! When he was talking about dancing I could see his eyes light up, therefore I knew he really loved it. He even made a break dancing club in high school and a lot of people became interested and joined! Denzel says that it takes lots of time to get his moves correct so he spends many hours practicing. Denzel was an interesting soul and im glad I got to meet him. I hope that from this we can become friends and maybe even help each other out in this class or other classes! Denzel is pretty interesting so if you want to meet him and find out more about him his word press is



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