GLAMFA artist- Katie Shapiro

Hey students! When I first looked at the art made by the Greater Los Angeles Masters of Fine Art artists I was in awe. Although the artists weren’t at the gallery so I couldn’t talk to them in person and get to know their personality and if it went with their paintings, I still enjoyed one of them very much so! Katie Shapiro and her Red Striped Prism piece was beautiful and confusing. I saw plenty of people crowding around her piece and honestly I wasn’t going to wait around to be able to get a picture and have a clear shot but then I saw a little bit of the art and the two colors it was, red and black..which are my favorite two colors, so I decided to wait my turn and find out more about it. I am not quite sure I understand what it is about but that does not mean a person, especially myself, can not enjoy looking at it. To me its dark and mysterious and it should mean something different to everyone, just how any good piece of art works. I think she was saying the world isn’t always black and white but it has moments of bright flashing striking red that you can never forget and never avoid. Life is unpredictable, just like this piece, therefore I enjoyed it thoroughly.




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