Classmate Conversation- Jonathan Garcia

Hello students! I met another student today in Art 110 and his named is Jonathan Garcia! Jon is a 3rd year student here and he wants to be in the health care field one day. He was very smiley and nice when I first met him and that made me feel more comfortable around him. Something that I found intriguing about him is that he is so smart he skipped a grade in elementary! I wish I was able to skip a grade or even say that I had. I think it is so awesome and no one would ever know that by just looking at him. He also likes cars. Fast cars to be exact. He owns numerous cars that he enjoys working on and keeping in tip top shape. Jon knows how to fix all types of problems associated to cars so when I asked him why he doesn’t become a mechanic it was to my surprise that he said he would rather go to school to learn something he doesn’t already know. Jon likes to be at school studying but when he is not here he works all the time dealing with loud customers. He is a sales associate who has to run from class to class then to work. It is a difficult task to balance everything but Jonathan seems to be doing just fine because he was still smiling when he told me this. Although he is being run dry sometimes he always finds a way to sleep at least a few hours a night. I enjoyed meeting Jon and I appreciate the chance to meet people for class credit because I have just gained a new friend! You can find him and get to know him more on his blog!


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