This week the activity was to get in touch with social media and see if and how we all relate to each other. Because it is barely our second week back to school a lot of our posts were of coffee( to help us stay awake) and our computers. We are all trying to settle back into school life and our pictures show that. Although we all seem to be worried and focused on school activites we still kept our individualities by posting pictures of the things we love. Like for instance our pets and our cars. Some people liked to tag and title their posts with long elaborate words which differentiated from others who barely put one word. I think it is funny that we are all so close to the same age and can all relate to each other yet we are still all so different! I enjoyed looking at peoples pictures and I think that it was very cool to see what people post on their instagrams because that is a very private thing to some people. Here are some of the pictues that I really loved looking at because they made me feel closer to the person who posted them even though I don’t even really know them!photo_3.PNGphoto_4.PNGphoto_3.PNG copyphoto_2.PNG


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