Week 3 Classmate interview- Matthew Savedra

Hey guys! Matthew savedra is a Business major, just like me. He was very outspoken for a freshman and i enjoyed talking to him because he made me feel comfortable. I love pets so naturally i asked if he had any and he said he had two dogs! One is a  mini pincher and another small one. The girl dog bella he likes the best, Max is the boy. He loves watching American horror story and anything else scary. He is looking forward to halloween and dressing up but he doesn’t know what he is going to be yet. He says his favorite class is this one because it is easy and he gets to make new friends. He went to a very small high school
in San Pedro Mary named Star high school. It only had 500 people and everyone knows everything because there is only one bundling for all classes. We laughed about all the walking he has to do now in school and he says yeah its so exhausting! He has one brother  who is older by a year, 20. Green is his favorite color just like mine!. We had a lot in common and i think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Get to know him more by visiting his page matthewsavedra.wordpress.comget-attachment-6.aspx


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