Week 4- classmate conversation- Sandra menjivar

Sandra menjivar and me were looking at the same exact exhibit ! She looked over and simagemiled friendly so I decided I would talk to her and see if she liked the pink room. She loved it and said it reminded her of cotton candy! Sandra is a Freshman in college who went to Gahr high school in Cerritos. She joked that her favorite color isn’t pink although all her Running shoes are. She Is very active and played soccer in high school. I could tell she was very outspoken and so I figured she has siblings because a lot of people who are loud and love to talk do. She has 4 siblings! I laughed at the fact that all her sisters annoy her at home and she said her Brother is her favorite. Her Brother is a year younger than her. It was a tough decision where to go to college because she was Accepted to long beach and Fullerton. In the future she wishes to Teach high school because she likes the education field. She definitely Doesn’t wanna be around little kids anymore than she has to ! We ended the convo with a laugh about the shovel she bought and how she was going to use it for Art 110 and then rinse it off and return it to Home Depot! If you wanna get to know her more go look at her word press …sandrmenjivar.wordpress.com


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