Week 4- plaster casting

I don’t even know where to start. This weeks art project was so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed having to go to the beach and watching my molds harden. I actually did three body parts because I found it so amazing. I had extra plaster left so I made a heart but it broke in two so I threw that one away. I guess I didn’t let that one dry for long enough. I got home and was looking at my artwork and decided that just doing the minimal for this weeks project wasn’t enough so I went to the store got spray paint and painted it my favorite color. Green!!!! image




imageI really loved doing this BECAUSE it amazed me that it could harden and form a mold that quick! I took a lot of pictures and even put them on my Instagram. I had so much fun so thanks for assigning this project !! Have fun looking at my pictures of such a great day.


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