Classmate conversation-David Phan

So this week I finally saw a face I recognized !! I actually went to high school with david but I never really talked to him even though I had multiple classes with him. I decided I would give it a shot and go meet him and see if he remembered me. I was surprised to find out he did! He told me that he loved being in band in high school and that he wished I would have talked to him! I was a cheerleader who himagee thought didn’t want to associate with a “band geek” but I assured him that was never why! We just never introduced ourselves to one another! He was very warming and welcoming with his smiling face that I felt a little sad that I wasted 4 years in high school when I could have had a friend. He told me that he enjoys science and wants to do something in that field, he just doesn’t know what yet. But that is just his second option! What he really loves is the performing arts! He said he has been playing since he was in 7th grade!! I thought that was cool and I wanted to know if he had any animals because I love animals and he said yes ! He has a puppy named Happy! I enjoyed talking to him and wished I had met him in hug school… If you want to get to know him more his wordpress is !


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