Week 5- Counterfactual Identity


I started off by looking at Leslies site and i thought it was so crazy to see one person in so many different personas and so many different venues. I think that she is amazing that she can become a person just by looking the part. I think the wedding picture is the best one she has done yet because she really looks so happy like she has really just gotten married !   wedding_2 This week we were asked to not only put ourselves out there in front of strangers but to see what it is like to “be” someone else. I showed myself this week that I can be perceived differently and become part of another social group just by how I am dressed. My counter-factual identity this week was a business major. I put my brothers glasses on along with a blazer I only wear to work interviews and put my long hair back into a bun to make sure I looked professional. I looked serious and ready to confirm a business deal. Since I am not serious nor do I ever dress very “professional” I felt a bit out of place but was excited to do this project! I felt more mature and I thought that people might even take me more serious. I found it pretty strange what an outfit can do to your mind. When I was talking to a student Kari Scheer, she said that I looked like I could be a teacher here at CSULB. I chuckled and said that I was going for a business look and she said yeah well being a teacher is the same thing! Later on I asked some girl in the bookstore and she replied that I looked very professional and business like! I was so happy that I found out I can look like anyone I want to with just a change of outfits and persona. My clothes weren’t what I usually wear and my smile wasn’t exactly on my face all day but I was still the same person underneath and I think that is what this project was all about. Go check out the person who inspired this all… http://www.tonkonow.com/lee_parts_4.html






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