Classmate interview week 6

image      . Brandon sito is a junior! He is majoring in Information systems and works on data bases. He likes playing games on the computer but he doesn’t have much time lately. He is really good at technical stuff and work on computers daily. He has a little white dog who he loves. I could tell we were going to be friends at the moment he said he Just took an Econ test and didn’t study for it… We bought got passing grades still! He works at Macys men’s in the men’s department right by my house. Westminster mall is 5 minutes from me and that’s where he works which is pretty cool. Hours are great and he likes working there but the Asians always think he is Asian and try talking to him. They’re always asking him if he speaks Vietnamese. He says it’s funny when they keep asking for discount because they say they’re Asian and he’s Asian do they should get one. He calls himself a white washed Asian and lives pretty close to me. I told him I hope to see him at the mall sometime soon because he seemed pretty cool!. Go check him out…


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