Activity week 6!

image  image image imageThis week I was so scared when I found out that I had to do something that involved drawing but I knew that I could hopefully try to not draw like a five year old. I was so relieved to find out that we would be using this app and paying attention to what we see rather than trying to draw what we think it should be or what we think it is. I really enjoyed the picture someone drew for me because it did look like me and my kitty ! I liked drawing people because for one it probably made them feel good that I choose their pictures and two I liked being the person who people looked forward to seeing their drawing. I think that being able to draw something that other people enjoy looking at is really cool. I would have never drawn something people appreciated if it weren’t for this app and this project this week. So thank you! I really enjoyed it and it made me smile knowing that I was what people were looking forward to looking at. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep this app forever…. Well as long as I have my phone


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