The after party – ARTIST INTERVIEW

image image imageThis week I looked at another gallery I liked that was all white and just as I was walking off to the bathroom a big curtain caught my eye! I was so surprised to walk in and see all these candles and shrines everywhere. It definitely was not what I was expecting and I really loved it. It’s almost halloween and I THJBK that the theme went well with the time of the year. It is about a party in the afterlife and I felt like I was in a party because it was so beautiful and it felt so special.i actually felt like I was in another world when I was in there because you looked around and that was all you saw! I hope this artist does well in the future I really loved the idea behind it. I’m sad that the artist was no where to be found when I went… I wish I could have had the chance to talk. Go check out the artist ..kenita hale !!


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