Animal Care

acc-headerAll of my life I have always had the heart for animals, they became something to draw me away from the hardships of life, they became my best friends.  Ever since I stepped foot into the vet for my animals I Knew that this would be my home one day.  Animals have a special place in my heart, they are the perfect companion, you could just talk to them for hours and they become the perfect listeners, or even if you yell at them, no matter what they will always still love you.  I volunteer at Animal Shelters as a hobby of mine, I love to see the joy on the animals faces when they are taken out of the cage running around on the grass and showing signs of life.  What I am trying to get across from this post is for all of you to take some time out of your day and volunteer at local shelters and take in the moment when you see the face of an animal who feels neglected and at a split second show joy in their face.


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