Classmate Conversation week 8- breanne lee

I was wondering around the galleries looking at different photos when I saw a friendly smile so i asked if i could interview her! She was very kind and smiled and me, telling me that she had done an interview already but she would do another one. Bre in LA county and she is a jr just like me! I was surprised we had never had any classes together because she is the exact same age and everything but i guess with some many people going to this school it is easy to not have a class with someone no matter how similar you are. She graduated high school from Paramount and she said she did pretty we’ll for herself there. She told me she graduated with straight A’s! I was pretty schocked and she didn’t seem cocky about it so i decided we could be friends because she was so nice! She said she enjoys watching tv and listening to the radio. She says she always has music playing. I enjoyed meeting her and when i asked what she wanted to do in life she said something that makes her happy… i liked that response a great deal and i wish her the best of luck.


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