Week 8- Artist Interview Kiyomi Fukui

This week at the gallery was a difficult one for me because nothing really stood out to me because it was primarily filled with paintings, but one art piece that caught my eye more than the others was the cabinet piece done by Kiyomi Fukui.

This piece was filled with dirt, rocks, leaves, and placed on a patch of a circular green grass in the barren room.  At first glance of this piece it kind of seems misplaced in the gallery but after looking at the piece more in depth and reading the description, I have come to realize that there was more thought and timing than simply just throwing a cabinet and earth like objects onto a desk and calling it done.  Everything looks perfectly placed for a certain reason, for example the shells in the clear containers bring out more than just the dirt and leaves, it brings out the ocean side of the piece and that Mother Earth comes from everywhere and can be placed with others so easily.  The shells speak so much depth, lonely in the corner surrounded by other objects, its just like the ocean life the sea creatures live; surrounded by many but still project a view on themselves.

After reading Kiyomi’s statement on her art piece and the story about the lifeless bird dragged in by her friends cat.  This statement drew so much emotion to the piece and how she illustrates that “death is defined by the end of life, but it may also be the source of life.” I real enjoyed this piece and i look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.09.25 PM


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