Week 8 Activity E-Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.29.59 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.21.48 PM
Before and after.  This week Professor Zucman told us to “update” our page to promote more of a business look for our future careers/hobbies.  I first changed my about me so that it would look like this is my page! i included a photo and some info if anyone has any questions or needs to contact me. I also Included a page on Animal Care because it has always been my passion.  Animals have become my support system, they make me realize that life is short and I shouldn’t let anything or anyone ruin my life.  I also dolled up my page by inserting a picture of my cat, Snowball, as the headline for my profile.  Snow has become my passion in animal care and I hope people who view my profile will understand how much animals mean to me and how they shouldn’t be brushed to the side.  My profile and my eye opening page will show others my illustrations i project through out each week.

I hope my fellow classmates will take my advice and apply it to their daily lives and also provide feedback on how I can improve my page! Thanks for looking!!


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