Classmate Convo-Greg Violan

This week as i walked around i saw someone smiling so i decided to interview him! I met greg who was pretty quiet when i first met him. Greg lives in Long beach and went to Long Beach Poly. I actually had a cheer cometition there so i thought that was pretty cool. He is a sophomore here who likes being on the computer! He says he is always on the computer or on his phone because he loves technology and wants to create something get-attachment-2one day. He is really good at computers so i todl him if i ever need some computer help that ill be contacting him and he smiled and agreed. I feel like if i joke with people they break out of their shell and greg did just that. We both really like the game starcraft and we laughed about being total nerds for playing it. Greg loves to eat and he said his favorite is his moms home cooking! He said he is currently enjoying college (except for all the walking) and he looks forward to one day graduating. Go check him out…


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