Week 9- artist interview: kingdom at hand

So this week as i was wondering around i stumbled about a gallery that was really interesting to me. The collection that was about the members relationship and experience with god was called Kingdom at hand. All of the pieces in the gallery were different and unique which peaked my interest because i did not become bored. One of the best piecget-attachmentes I saw was the Death to Life created get-attachment-1by Elaine Woo. This piece represented the two worlds between life and death and how they intermingle. It showed how they have to have on another in order to survive. Although some people see death as scary and something that they fear this piece shows that it can be seen as a chance to heal and become better while at the same time life creates something new. In a way the pieces showed us that we must not only look at life or death but we must see them as one entity that relies entirely on the other. I really liked the colors because they werent to wow in your face bright and at the same time they were beautiful to me. I like this gallery and i think it went well with october 31st coming up! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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