Artist interview wk 10- Nathaniel glauninger

So as I was walking around looking for a piece I liked I spotted something shiny and shiny things always capture my attention. It was hundreds of coins ! I think that the artist was trying to show people that he thinks money rules the world and that we should pay attention to the little things in life like the live beetle in the back of the room. I was so freaked out when I saw it move at first and I wondered what the hell is it going to eat to survive in here but I saw the box covered in coins out of the corner of my eye again and so I went back to that piece to look at it some more. I think money is something that people see as the most important thing in life and it should be like that. The beetle and the money are completely different and I think the contrast helped show that a living breathing thing is much more important then an inanimate object such as money. The structure showed how money keeps you in a box and keeps your mind on one thing when it should be focused on living things that are beautiful like the beetle. I enjoyed it and wish you luck. image




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