Student interview- Cheyenne Ochoa

Cheyenne ochoca is a Freshman here at long beach! She went to high school far away and it’s called sententiel. Her hometown is really hot in corona. She loves living on beach side and says they are Better than dorms on campus and she’s only a freshman so it’s pretty cool she got to live where she wanted to. She chose to live away from campus dorms because she says that she needed a break from school. She’s an only child and also a film major. For halloween her and her dad are dressing up as ghost busters and are going to pass out candy. She tried the costume on and it’s funny looking because her dad made it she said. Halloween is her favorite holiday. She’s going to decorate tomorrow right before halloween night. She doesn’t use stencils for punpkins she’s going to do a beetles pumpkin. Hasn’t gone to any parties on campus yet she likes to watch netflix instead of partying and calls herself an old lady who likes to stay in. She Likes all kinds of music and her room mate is forced to listen to her jazz music. Met her roommate right before school started and she is the same major as her which I found to be pretty cool! HALLOWEEN is her favorite movie and she thinks it’s really scary. Her roommate is obsessed with Disneyland. I enjoyed meeting Cheyenne and if you guys wanna get to know her her website is image


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