Students choice – photography

This activity I decided to choose PHOTOGRAPHY! This is by far my favortie form of art because I love the different forms of lighting, angles, and candid moments! This week my sister and her two kids came to visit me from Texas and of course they wanted to visit Disneyland, so guess where we went? DISNEYLAND! Got there at 9 and didn’t get home till midnight! It was a long day but withinimageimageimage that day I captured a lot of images on my phone ranging from obsessive pictures of my niece or the costume characters roaming the park! The lighting trough out the pictures is was fascinates me because a little tilt in the angle of the phone can change so much of the picture. Photography is a great form of art that is being done on a daily basis and it is shown through the vast amounts of pictures people post on social media such as Instagram, low and behold what most people don’t know is that they are engaging in a form of art that people take for granted! This activity was so much fun because I got the best of both worlds! I got to imagespend time with my niece and do homework at the same time and have fun along with it!! I hope you all enjoy looking at the pictures of my day at Disneyland! Don’t forget art is a form of masterpiece! #art110 #disneyland #family!


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