Wk 12- teaching origami

So this week I want to invite all of you into my latest hobby, origami. I love the feeling I get when I am done making my masterpiece from just piece of paper. I think that you will all enjoy making origami in your spare time and I am going to tell you how to make an easy beginner level origami– a bear !! Ok so first you need to get a piece of printer paper and cut it into a square instead of a rectangle. Now that we have the essentials I’ll tell you how to make your bear origami. 1. Fold the top top down to meet the bottom tip. The paper should now look like a triangle, not a rectangle ! 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Fold the tips of the paper in. 4.Now fold the right and left tips out, these are the ears of the bear !! 5. Make 2 more folds on the ears and this time make sure to fold the tips back a little bit. 6. Fold the tip up a little this is going to be the chin! 7. Fold your origami over you’re almost done
8. Fold the bottom tip up slightly. 9. Tuck that fold you just made into the inside. 10. Take a great look at your masterpiece origami !!! I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed it! I’m glad I could share.image


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