Artist interview – britnee forline

When I walked into the gallery this week I was delighted to see my favorite things…. Jewlrey! I saw some really cool stuff like the necklace that was in the middle of the room. It was really pretty and I actually would wear it if it weren’t for it being an art piece. There were big rings on the side of the room and I love rings!! I was wearing 5 big rings myself and I felt like I really related and connected to this gallery. The thing that caught my attention the most was the fact that the rings were on top of glass! It created a cool effect and I really liked it. I think that you usually don’t see jewlrey in an art gallery and I loved jewelry so I really loved this gallery! I enjoyed the gallery the most because it wasn’t expected. I love surprises and this week I never expected to look agh jewlrwy on art class and I did! Goodluck artist !! I really enjoyed it this week. The pictures below are a little of what I saw! image



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