Classmate interview- Kevin Kwon


This week I met a cool guy named Kevin Kwon. Kevin is a junior here at CSULB studying to become an engineer and majoring in engineering. This is where we connected on similarities because my dad is an engineer and throughout my life I’ve seen a lot of what he does so Kevin and I got a little side tracked on engineering but brought it back to his interests and hobbies. Ironically Kevin and I are a lot a like because he loves to sleep!! My friends call me a bear because they say I’m hibernating! Haha! He also is a genius in AP classes! In high school I was in all AP classes and succeed well and now I attend CSULB with a lot of people who have common interests with me! I feel like Kevin is me in a boys body because throughout the conversation we share a lot of simulators with one another that we could ramble on about and act like we have known each other for years! It was great meeting Kevin and I hope I meet another classmate as cool as him! #art110


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