12-7 artist interview: Troy rounseville

So it was pretty cold so i tried running into every possible! Although i saw multiple ii really liked this one the best because it had a pretty guitar with a bunch of wires connected to it and i wanted to find out why! I think that this gallery that I looked at this week was really cool because the vibrant red stand really popped with the white walls and it made it really captivating. Each instrument made a different noise and it was all very distinct! Whenever the box was moved to a different area of the room another instrument would start playing. I liked that it kept my attention the whole time. I wasn’t sure what it meant so I looked for the description paper. The paper that was on the wall didn’t make much sense to me either and it made me very frustrated but i figured everyone can take different meanings away from it. I heard someone saying it has something to do with the media and I guess the note on the guitar being distorted by the pedal shows that there’s a lot if distractions. Overall I thought it was pretty cool because it kept my attention and was pretty in my opinion. I hope next time there is a better explanation as too what it all meant or at least i hope i can find the artist and he isnt busy. I wish you the best of luck.. Troy rounseville !! image


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