12-7 student interview: vanessa carbajal

This week I finally met someone older than me !! Vanessa is a senior at Csulb and she used to attend occ. she liked it there and so she finished all her GEs there for the first two years of her college life. She used to be focused on being an environmental engineer but she said she didn’t think that she saw herself doing that once she was in the classes with the people who were that major. She changed to fashion merchandising and says she has never looked back! Although she loves to go shopping just like any other girl she said the thing she loves most is sleeping!! Me and her bonded on that fact and I thought she was really nice. I thought that her multiple  tattoos were pretty cool and so  i asked if they hurt and she admitted that they did. i act admitted that i wanted some myself and she said that they are a great conversation starter so she is really glad that she has them. When i asked i she is opposed to getting more she laughed and said no and even recommended the place she went ! She is really down to earth and likes small things like watching the waves putting her feet in the sand and reading a good book. I’m glad I got to meet her and good luck this last semester!! image


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