Students choice – photography

This activity I decided to choose PHOTOGRAPHY! This is by far my favortie form of art because I love the different forms of lighting, angles, and candid moments! This week my sister and her two kids came to visit me from Texas and of course they wanted to visit Disneyland, so guess where we went? DISNEYLAND! Got there at 9 and didn’t get home till midnight! It was a long day but withinimageimageimage that day I captured a lot of images on my phone ranging from obsessive pictures of my niece or the costume characters roaming the park! The lighting trough out the pictures is was fascinates me because a little tilt in the angle of the phone can change so much of the picture. Photography is a great form of art that is being done on a daily basis and it is shown through the vast amounts of pictures people post on social media such as Instagram, low and behold what most people don’t know is that they are engaging in a form of art that people take for granted! This activity was so much fun because I got the best of both worlds! I got to imagespend time with my niece and do homework at the same time and have fun along with it!! I hope you all enjoy looking at the pictures of my day at Disneyland! Don’t forget art is a form of masterpiece! #art110 #disneyland #family!


Week 11 Classmate Interview -Marie Rivas

This week I met a fellow classmate as I was searching for an art piece to catch my eye and as I was browsing trough the galleries I met a fellow classmate to interview and her name is Marie Rivas. Marie is an adventurous girl who loves to travel! She loves to explore around the world and within the states, some places she’s been has been North Carolina and Central America. Marie is majoring in Biochem as a full time student and also works at Metro PCS. As she is majoring in Biochem it kind of linked similarity between her and I because I first came to CSULB to major in chemistry to pursue my passion as a veterinarian, but that all changed when I declared my major in Business. It was so great to meet Marie and learn more about another classmate! I can’t wait to see who I am interviewing next week to learn something new!
#art110 #marierivas #travel

Week 10 Artist Interview- Dana Fleming

This week there were plenty of galleries and a vast amount of art to draw my eyes on, but one imagegallery/piece of art work that stood out to me was Dana Fleming’s. The artwork that she created was so simple with bits and pieces she found in a thrift store. It’s crazy to think that art doesn’t have to be expensive to buy, it can be items from a thrift store that is inexpensive that can turn into a masterpiece. I had a great time exploring these galleries this week and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next week!

#art110 #fleming #thriftstore

Activity wk 10

pictureimageThis week I had a hard time thinking of where to place my body and about the landscape. I first tried to take the picture at school in the horn center because I had been studying and it was driving me crazy. Iactually fell off of my chair so that didn’t work out! I then decided to go on the stairs of my friends apartment because I always slip on them anyways. I had a lot of fun just trying different angles and I choose the lighting that was darker because it seemed more mysterious. I thought it was pretty cool that I was able to position myself to look like I was not alive considering it was Halloween!! This activity was so cool to do during Halloween because of all of the movies that were going on and they gave me ideas of how and where to position myself. I decided that a place I frequently visit would be a good idea and I enjoyed this activity. Happy Halloween!

Artist interview wk 10- Nathaniel glauninger

So as I was walking around looking for a piece I liked I spotted something shiny and shiny things always capture my attention. It was hundreds of coins ! I think that the artist was trying to show people that he thinks money rules the world and that we should pay attention to the little things in life like the live beetle in the back of the room. I was so freaked out when I saw it move at first and I wondered what the hell is it going to eat to survive in here but I saw the box covered in coins out of the corner of my eye again and so I went back to that piece to look at it some more. I think money is something that people see as the most important thing in life and it should be like that. The beetle and the money are completely different and I think the contrast helped show that a living breathing thing is much more important then an inanimate object such as money. The structure showed how money keeps you in a box and keeps your mind on one thing when it should be focused on living things that are beautiful like the beetle. I enjoyed it and wish you luck. image



Student interview- Cheyenne Ochoa

Cheyenne ochoca is a Freshman here at long beach! She went to high school far away and it’s called sententiel. Her hometown is really hot in corona. She loves living on beach side and says they are Better than dorms on campus and she’s only a freshman so it’s pretty cool she got to live where she wanted to. She chose to live away from campus dorms because she says that she needed a break from school. She’s an only child and also a film major. For halloween her and her dad are dressing up as ghost busters and are going to pass out candy. She tried the costume on and it’s funny looking because her dad made it she said. Halloween is her favorite holiday. She’s going to decorate tomorrow right before halloween night. She doesn’t use stencils for punpkins she’s going to do a beetles pumpkin. Hasn’t gone to any parties on campus yet she likes to watch netflix instead of partying and calls herself an old lady who likes to stay in. She Likes all kinds of music and her room mate is forced to listen to her jazz music. Met her roommate right before school started and she is the same major as her which I found to be pretty cool! HALLOWEEN is her favorite movie and she thinks it’s really scary. Her roommate is obsessed with Disneyland. I enjoyed meeting Cheyenne and if you guys wanna get to know her her website is image

Activity VLOG- week 9

This week I did one of my very first blog videos! I enjoyed this very much and i look forward to doing them in the future. I told everyone that i am a cal state long beach jr and that i am a business major. My favorite holiday is halloween! I even show my decorations on my blog. My new kitten SNOW is on my blog and i love her to death and i know you will too. I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have an questions contact me at 714-371-2333 (;