12-7 student interview: vanessa carbajal

This week I finally met someone older than me !! Vanessa is a senior at Csulb and she used to attend occ. she liked it there and so she finished all her GEs there for the first two years of her college life. She used to be focused on being an environmental engineer but she said she didn’t think that she saw herself doing that once she was in the classes with the people who were that major. She changed to fashion merchandising and says she has never looked back! Although she loves to go shopping just like any other girl she said the thing she loves most is sleeping!! Me and her bonded on that fact and I thought she was really nice. I thought that her multiple  tattoos were pretty cool and so  i asked if they hurt and she admitted that they did. i act admitted that i wanted some myself and she said that they are a great conversation starter so she is really glad that she has them. When i asked i she is opposed to getting more she laughed and said no and even recommended the place she went ! She is really down to earth and likes small things like watching the waves putting her feet in the sand and reading a good book. I’m glad I got to meet her and good luck this last semester!! image


12-7 artist interview: Troy rounseville

So it was pretty cold so i tried running into every possible! Although i saw multiple ii really liked this one the best because it had a pretty guitar with a bunch of wires connected to it and i wanted to find out why! I think that this gallery that I looked at this week was really cool because the vibrant red stand really popped with the white walls and it made it really captivating. Each instrument made a different noise and it was all very distinct! Whenever the box was moved to a different area of the room another instrument would start playing. I liked that it kept my attention the whole time. I wasn’t sure what it meant so I looked for the description paper. The paper that was on the wall didn’t make much sense to me either and it made me very frustrated but i figured everyone can take different meanings away from it. I heard someone saying it has something to do with the media and I guess the note on the guitar being distorted by the pedal shows that there’s a lot if distractions. Overall I thought it was pretty cool because it kept my attention and was pretty in my opinion. I hope next time there is a better explanation as too what it all meant or at least i hope i can find the artist and he isnt busy. I wish you the best of luck.. Troy rounseville !! image

Classmate interview- Kevin Kwon


This week I met a cool guy named Kevin Kwon. Kevin is a junior here at CSULB studying to become an engineer and majoring in engineering. This is where we connected on similarities because my dad is an engineer and throughout my life I’ve seen a lot of what he does so Kevin and I got a little side tracked on engineering but brought it back to his interests and hobbies. Ironically Kevin and I are a lot a like because he loves to sleep!! My friends call me a bear because they say I’m hibernating! Haha! He also is a genius in AP classes! In high school I was in all AP classes and succeed well and now I attend CSULB with a lot of people who have common interests with me! I feel like Kevin is me in a boys body because throughout the conversation we share a lot of simulators with one another that we could ramble on about and act like we have known each other for years! It was great meeting Kevin and I hope I meet another classmate as cool as him! #art110

Artist interview – britnee forline

When I walked into the gallery this week I was delighted to see my favorite things…. Jewlrey! I saw some really cool stuff like the necklace that was in the middle of the room. It was really pretty and I actually would wear it if it weren’t for it being an art piece. There were big rings on the side of the room and I love rings!! I was wearing 5 big rings myself and I felt like I really related and connected to this gallery. The thing that caught my attention the most was the fact that the rings were on top of glass! It created a cool effect and I really liked it. I think that you usually don’t see jewlrey in an art gallery and I loved jewelry so I really loved this gallery! I enjoyed the gallery the most because it wasn’t expected. I love surprises and this week I never expected to look agh jewlrwy on art class and I did! Goodluck artist !! I really enjoyed it this week. The pictures below are a little of what I saw! image


Wk 12- artist interview Timothy cooper

This week I saw a bunch of things on the floor so I walked into that room and was in awe. It was at least a hundred plates all layed out in the form of a cross. No one else was in the room and I wondered why BRCAUSE it was so cool! The plates represent what art is all about to the artists which is community and time. They all worked on it together to create one project and I applaud them. The plates were lasso hand made which I am sure took a lot of practice. All of the plates looked identical and it shows how much skill it took to make them. I really enjoyed this piece and I wish you goodluck in the future artists ! image

Week 12- Rachel price

Rachel Price

This week as i was walking around I met a fellow classmate named Rachel Price. This is her second year here at CSULB and she is striving towards her major in Psych. She decided to attend CSULB because it was close to her hometown, Cypress. Since she is living close to school it saves her money with the short distance even thought the gas prices are going down. She is a very busy girl with a massive amount of hobbies, her favorite being surfing. Living near the beach she says she’s been surfing for a long time. It was great to meet Rachel and after meeting her I have learned a lot about a fellow classmate and the path she has taken here at CSULB. I enjoyed talking to her and if you want to know more go visit her wordpress at rachelprice.com

Wk 12- teaching origami

So this week I want to invite all of you into my latest hobby, origami. I love the feeling I get when I am done making my masterpiece from just piece of paper. I think that you will all enjoy making origami in your spare time and I am going to tell you how to make an easy beginner level origami– a bear !! Ok so first you need to get a piece of printer paper and cut it into a square instead of a rectangle. Now that we have the essentials I’ll tell you how to make your bear origami. 1. Fold the top top down to meet the bottom tip. The paper should now look like a triangle, not a rectangle ! 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Fold the tips of the paper in. 4.Now fold the right and left tips out, these are the ears of the bear !! 5. Make 2 more folds on the ears and this time make sure to fold the tips back a little bit. 6. Fold the tip up a little this is going to be the chin! 7. Fold your origami over you’re almost done
8. Fold the bottom tip up slightly. 9. Tuck that fold you just made into the inside. 10. Take a great look at your masterpiece origami !!! I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed it! I’m glad I could share.image